Conference Details

At the moment we intend to go ahead with this conference and will take all appropriate measures to ensure attendees' safety and well being.

We will continue to monitor Government advice regarding indoor gatherings - though we do not envision this conference exceeding the numbers allowable.


Fatherheart Ministries in Scotland

Jesus spoke frequently of His Father throughout the Gospels - around two hundred times in all.

This was obviously an important topic for Jesus yet we speak infrequently about His Father in today's Christianity.

This conference is aimed at revealing the Father's great love and the reality of our place in His affections. We will show that we were not orphans adopted by God the stranger but are in fact His very own offspring - born in His image and with His DNA in our beings.

Discover the nature and character of Jesus' Father and your own sonship / daughterhood.

More Info

Our venue for this event is at Glasgow City Mission, 20 Crimea Street, Glasgow, G2 8PW

It is in Glasgow city centre with easy train, bus and underground transport from all areas available.

Car parking is limited but there are plenty of multi story or park and ride parking places around Glasgow.

The cost for the day includes a hot lunch and is £25 full price with discounts for Unwaged and OAPs £18 and married couples at £40

Please register for this event using the button below