Fatherheart Scotland is a Scottish Charity (SC042928) that was born out of John & Fiona MacDonald's relationship with Fatherheart Ministries in New Zealand led by James and Denise Jordan.

John & Fiona started Fatherheart Scotland in 2010 as part of Fatherheart Ministries and under the oversight of James and Denise Jordan. As part of a board of trustees, they oversee the running of Fatherheart Scotland.

In the same way that Jesus walked in sonship so every man woman and child is called to walk with their heavenly Father, Papa, and live the life for which they were created.

Fatherheart Scotland has been born out of a desire to share the revelation of God as our true Father with the people of Scotland and beyond. Our heart is to see the people of Scotland experience and take to their own hearts the truth of God's fathering embrace.

We are ordinary people who have discovered our true identity as sons and daughters of our Father who just happens to be Almighty God!

John & fiona macdonald

John & Fiona MacDonald


John & Fiona met James and Denise Jordan (Fatherheart Ministries) in 2005 while students at Toronto Airport Church's Leader's School where the Jordans were teaching. 

It was an encounter which would change their lives.

Having heard James and Denise minister previously, John & Fiona were not prepared for what they heard and experienced during that time.

They had been to Bible college and were pastoring yet had never experienced God being a Father to them; but that changed through the Jordan's ministry. Since 2005 John and Fiona have been convinced that God Almighty is their Papa who loves and fathers them just as he did Jesus...

John became a believer in 1985, the same year Fiona recommitted her life to following the Lord, and studied at Bible College in Cheshire (1988–1991), while pastoring a small fellowship in Staffordshire, and was a Pastor in Glasgow when the Lord called him out of local ministry in 2008. Since then they have been journeying with Father in this life of sonship.

John and Fiona’s desire is to see this revelation spread in Scotland and beyond; to see all people come into a revelation of Father and a life of sonship.

John says: “I thought I knew all about the Father as a believer and had taught about him but following a Leader’s school at Toronto Church in 2005 I came into a real revelation of Father when I heard him call me son. It has changed my perception of God, of church of everything. My life with the Lord has been revolutionised as I learn to live in this Father & son relationship.”

The core of this revelation that came to them is sonship; that we are called to walk as sons, not in theological theory or doctrinal ideology but in a true son/daughter and Father relationship.

John and Fiona have been married since 1986 and desire to see every believer from every stream of Christianity come to the revelation that God is their Father and embrace the life that will lead us into.

Meet the trustees

Andy Fulton


Andy lives in Glasgow and is married to Joanna. They have four beautiful children. He has been involved with Fatherheart Scotland from the beginning and his wisdom, passion and insight have been invaluable to the ongoing success of the ministry.

Sheila Easson


Sheila lives in Fife and has been a great supporter and champion of Fatherheart Scotland from its inception.

Sheila's passion for this revelation of Love to go to the nations has been a great encouragement to us all.

John & Fiona MacDonald